This is the world’s best hot chocolate

For chocolate lovers everywhere: This is the world's best hot chocolate
The perfect fall day is capped off with this chocolatey concoction. (Photo credit: Alisa Anton /Unsplash)

I’m on a real chocolate kick this month thanks to Valentines Day and Calgary’s Hot Chocolate Fest. I’m always looking for a new hot chocolate recipe, and consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur on the subject. I’m so serious about my cocoa, I have two aerolattes and a this traditional Mexican Molinillo, a wooden whisk used for preparing hot drinks.

Mexican whisk

Hot chocolate in Switzerland

You’d think the world’s best hot chocolate comes from Switzerland, as I once did. Imagine my surprise on my first visit there, to receive a cup of lukewarm milk, a packet of sugar and Nestle’s instant hot chocolate mix! I wasn’t expecting some drindl wearing Fräulein to be slaving over a hot stove or anything, but I thought I’d get more than self service.

The best hot chocolate in Paris

A better bet was found in Paris. (Here’s how to spend a perfect 24-hours there.) Many think that Cafe Angelina has the best hot chocolate in the world. This busy cafe on Rue du Rivoli serves up light lunches and decedent pâtisseries in addition to their famous drink. It’s super thick, almost like a hot smoothie, and very rich. As good as Angelina’s is, I prefer the chocolat chaud found at Ladurée. It’s equally as decadent, but somewhat sweeter. And since you’re there, might as well indulge and get a few of their famous macarons to go. There are Laduree’s around the world now and their breakfasts are divine. Check out my review ofpain perdu a la rose here.

decadent hot chocolate
Might as well pimp out your hot chocolate if you’re making it from scratch anyway. (Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash)

How to make the perfect hot chocolate at home

When I’m making hot chocolate at home, I make sure to use good quality cocoa powder and milk – preferably whole. The aerolatte whips it up nice and frothy, and there’s no need to add marshmallows, though a few never hurt. My stand-by mix is this one by Camino. It’s fair trade, and you can buy it at most grocery stores.

stovetop hot chocolate
Pistachio hot chocolate? Why not! (Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer/Unsplash)


I also quite like the cocoa you can take away from Angelina’s in Paris. I brought some home after my trip there last fall. My daughter loves it, but it’s not my fave.

This is the best hot chocolate to make at home

This is the best hot chocolate in my books is made from ABUELITA™ Hot Chocolate Drink Tablets.


With warm hints of cinnamon and a rich chocolatey taste (because it’s real chocolate not a powder) this hot chocolate hits all the right buttons. Best is by rubbing the fancy Molinillo vigorously between your palms, you end up putting on a real show for the kids.

Where do you get your favourite hot chocolate? What do you think is the world’s best hot chocolate?

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4 thoughts on “This is the world’s best hot chocolate”

  1. Mmm, totally with you on the hot chocolate! I had an unforgettable cup in Italy a few winters ago…it was so thick and rich, literally like drinking melted chocolate! When I’m at home, my go-to is Swiss Miss mixed with a tad of French Vanilla liquid coffee creamer, then add hot water and mallows. Delish!

  2. The best hot chocolate is in Colombia (La Abuelita is similar, but not quite as good). I had some hot chocolate at the Sheraton in Mexico City, and it didn’t quite measure up.

    1. Thanks, Nate! I’ve heard Columbia has a thriving food scene. Would love to check that out one day.

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