Yoga for skiers

Yoga was made for skiers, especially at Sunshine Village in Banff, Canada
But let’s see them do dancer’s pose…

March is by far, my favourite month for skiing. Most of the fair weather skiers and crowds are gone, the temperatures are pleasant and we always get serious dumps of snow. Recently, I was able to suss out the new yoga and ski options at Sunshine Village and stay on the hill at Sunshine Mountain Lodge, which is one of my favourite ways to while away a wintery weekend. Yoga is great for skiers and it’s always so awesome to combine the two.

Yoga for skiers
It’s a family affair at Sunshine Village.

No lie: it was freaking cold, but Sunshine Village often gets inversions, as it did this past weekend. While folks were hunkered indoors in Calgary, Canmore and Banff, we skied in -8°C on Sunday.

Sunshine Mountain lodge outdoor hot tub
And there’s drink service!

And when we needed to warm up, the massive outdoor hot tub at Sunshine Mountain Lodge is always a treat.

flaming apres ski
I haven’t seen mugs this cute outside of Europe.

And I’m also a big fan of warming up with mulled wine (especially when it’s flaming!). Mind you, I was quite disciplined. I didn’t après until after yoga.

Yoga for skiers

Yes, yoga! It’s a really a perfect combo, as yoga is an ideal way to stretch out after a heavy, leg burner day. You’ll want to check the Sunshine website before your ski or snowboard day as they often have certified yoga and ski instructors leading a yoga for skiers class. They put yogis through the postures in a lovely, casual environment. You know how in your usual yoga class the instructors always say annoying things like “your practice,” “earth” and “you’re not in competition with anyone else in the room.” But here, at Sunshine Village, you’ll really feel it. At least I did. Or rather didn’t feel it – that competitive streak.

woman doing tree pose outside in winter
Tree pose among the trees, natch.

Maybe it’s because the participants aren’t decked out in hundreds of dollars of Lulu. They’re just regular folks (and staff), who come in, peel off their snow gear and downward dog in their long johns. It was awesome! You’re encouraged to bring your own mat, but they have loaners on hand, plus all the yoga props you could wish for are provided. Best is that the instructors really know which poses are best to lengthen those ski and boarding muscles. I left “my practice” (insert snicker), with my legs feeling loose, not balls of lead.

yoga for skiers
It’s BYOM (mat), but they’ll also have some on hand should you forget.

Curious to try it out for yourself? Sunshine offers yoga classes and occasionally yoga and ski retreats a few times a year.  If you’re a fan of both activities, I can highly recommend it (and the mulled wine).

Have you ever been on either a yoga or ski retreat?

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