Touring Belgium last week, I came across something curious. It wasn’t the waffles nor the Walloons. Belgian men, while very well dressed, have a penchant for pink and red trousers! Have a look below and tell me I’m not overreacting.

Belgian Men Look Ravishing in Red!

A Funny Thing About Belgian Men

The dog collar matches the pant!

I wish I looked that stylish walking the dog.

Belgian Men

On point with the metro man-bag.

Red pants

Double the fun.

blue blazer and pink trousers

Salmon, pink or red? Tough call…

Belgian men

How fun do these two look?!

Two matchy-matchy metrosexual men. Ain’t no thang.

Colour Me Beautiful

What do you think? Personally I love any and all colour, so I think they look fantastic. Could your guy pull it off? Would you want him to?

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