My Botox for hair review

Everything you need to know about the Botox for hair treatment
This ain’t me. But your hair will look super smooth after your Botox for hair treatment. For real!

If you know me, you know I’ve got bad hair. If we’ve never met, don’t believe the carefully selected images you may see on this site. My hair blows! It’s fine, thick and wavy – the worst possible combo. I’ve tried lots of cures, from getting coiffed in France to becoming an expert with dry shampoo. So when I heard about Botox for hair or BTX Hair as it’s officially known, I was intrigued, but a tad skeptical.

Where to get Botox for hair in Calgary, Canada

On a recent rainy afternoon, I blew into Eveline Charles for the one hour conditioning treatment. I’d never been to an EvelineCharles salon before and found it posh, but unpretentious. Massive chandeliers and a sophisticated design scheme had me at the get go. Even my shampoo felt very decadent.

My Botox for hair review
This reportedly strips all the gunk from your hair.

Botox for hair treatment

But back to the hair bo-to. When you get a Botox hair treatment, the first step is getting your mane squeaky clean. They clarify it twice, stripping your hair of any impurities and build up. (You can pick up their clarifier – Crystal at EvelineCharles and use it every few weeks to reset).

Botox for hair reviews
Part of the treatment is using a syringe – but just for affect, it doesn’t touch your scalp.

What happens with BTX hair?

Like regular Bo-to, this application comes with a needle, but it’s much less painful (I’m assuming.) BTX Hair is so concentrated, it’s injected into water with a syringe. Comprised of caviar extract, collagen, vitamin E and B5, it was invented by a Brazilian cosmetologist who tested it on hair and found amazing results. The super conditioning agent is parabens and petrolatum-free, and calms hair down, while also making it ultra smooth and shiny.

I really loved how there was no chemical smell, just a light, clean, nontoxic scent. Since there are no chemicals in BTX Hair, I suppose I shouldn’t have been so wowed by this, yet I was.

BTX Hair is applied section by section about a half inch from the roots, before being worked in by hand. (My stylists had the most buttery, baby-soft hands after applying it.) Then on goes a shower cap and a visit under the dryer for about 10 minutes, before a light rinse and blowout. To seal the product into the hair, you’ll be finished off with a flattening iron.

BTX botox hair treatment
This is me, all smoothed out.

Botox for hair results

What do you think? Immediately after treatment, I had to bike home during a torrential downpour, then walk the dog! My hair remained frizz-free. It was also immediately super soft. I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it.

Three weeks after the treatment my hair is still well nourished – impressive considering the amount of sun and chorine it’s already been subjected to. My hair should stay hydrated and frizz-free for up to three months. As part of the experience, you leave with the proprietary home care kit comprised of shampoo and a mega-conditioner.

What is the Botox hair treatment price?

Your hair botox cost will vary depending on where you’re getting the treatment done. Typically BTX Hair is cheaper than getting a Brazilian blowout. Expect to pay under $200 US for your Botox for hair treatment.


BTX Hair shampoo and conditioner

As far as I know, EvelineCharles is the only salon in Calgary offering this service. If your hair is fried from recent highlights, colour, or regular summer wear and tear, you might want to think about giving your locks some of this love.

What about you? Would you try Botox for hair?

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11 thoughts on “My Botox for hair review”


    Interesting post. Going to the salon seems to be getting more and more futuristic. I recently had a lady in Kuala Lumpur show me my scalp under some microscope/type camera.

  2. Botox For Hair

    Hmm, No needles, no fumes, no harmful formaldehyde Hair Botox Treatements can be purchased online.
    Have a look at the complete kits, even include Titanium Flat irons for sealing the keratin

  3. Jaime Stuart

    I have heard about various uses of Botox, but never about using it for treatment of hair loss.
    After reading this article, I consulted with the doctor at hair clinic in Toronto. He said that, Botox treatment for hair loss is still under development. He looked excited about the fact that you got a positive result with it. When I looked around on the internet, I saw a lot of mixed reviews for Botox treatment. I think you must be among the lucky few who got the positive result out of it.

    1. Could be….To be honest, I haven’t read much about it in the news. My experience was positive.

  4. trifecta57nyc

    This is not at all surprising that has found another application. People often ask others about the condition of their hair and get a reply that “I use this shampoo/conditioner”. Well those who have tried it all and still could not get the result that they were hoping for, this could prove helpful. Consulting a professional will be better.

  5. Rachel Barnes

    I’m happy that this hair botox treatment worked for you! I had it done myself and was amazed at the difference of my hair. If you need more information on hair botox visit

    1. That’s exactly how I feel about regular Botox for the face! For the hair, just think of it like a super conditioning treatment.

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