Bowling Alley Opens at National on 10th

Can bowling ever be considered cool? It can if you’re playing at the bowling alley that just opened up at National on 10th in Calgary. Bowling at National is a surefire way to liven up you standard pub experience.

Bowling Alley Opens at National on 10th
It’s a hip vibe and crowd at NTNL on 10th, but you’re sure to feel right at home.

Bowling at National

That’s right, this hip Beltline pub has opened up 8 lanes of 10 pin bowling (that’s the real deal!) in their basement. Needless to say, bowling at National on 10th is super fun. The space gives off a delicious retro vibe, and it’s the perfect spot for catching up with friends and co-workers after office hours. I’m predicting quite a few gals night out and birthday parties will be taking place here, too!

National bowling alley
Part club, part bowling alley, NTNL is where you should host your next corporate event.

I had a hoot last night sussing out the joint. They have funky balls in neon colours and long leather couches to lounge around on. If only somebody had told me early on there were different ball weights, I’m sure my score would’ve improved. Then again, maybe not.

Bowling shoes
Admittedly, they’re not as dashing as the “borrowed” pair I wore in University, but the NTNL bowling shoes have their own charm.

What to eat and drink at National on 10th

With 24 different kinds of draught, 18 varieties of bottled beer and inventive cocktails, chilling here while getting a bit of exercise (if you can call bowling that) is as much fun as saddling up to the bar and playing Freebie Five with your best mates. The only downside was that I didn’t sample the crowd favourite: Jesus Quintana, comprised of pisco, ginger, hop flowers and strawberry chilli bitters. I did, however, tuck into the taco bar (and their splendid quacamole and the queso fondito). Top marks for their Mexican, despite my crappy photo.

A tip for the business crowd: Don’t wear a well made suit here. As my House of Lies buddy Gabe put it, “The Italians never designed their suits around bowling.” Truer words…

Hours and location of NTNL 10th

341 10 Ave., S.W., Calgary


$40/lane per hour during the afternoon

$50/lane per hour most weeknights

$60/lane Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights after 6 p.m.

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