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When you’re pressed for time, outsourcing can be a lifesaver. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography)

If you had a choice between more money or more time, which would you choose? For me it’s a no brainer, since I’m frequently complaining about how I never have enough time! It seems no matter how much I prep and plan, there’s never enough time to get everything done. And the to-do list keeps growing. Read on for some super time management tips and deets on how you could win a gift cert from a fantastic Calgary dry cleaner.

Where does your time go? Mine goes here…

Balancing work, family, health and everything else that gets thrown our way isn’t getting any easier. We just have to work smarter. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so the first smart thing I did recently was look at what’s on my to-do list. Then I tracked what’s taking up so much of my time. For me, it’s a lot of little things like laundry, meal prep and errands. You know, the boring, essential things my family needs to function. But, my inner Marie Kondo noted they did not bring me joy. Obvs, I’d rather curl up with a good book than do laundry.

Annoyingly, my to-do list gets longer with seasonal spring-cleaning tasks. This year I’m determined to get our house sorted. When I looked at what really needs to get done vs things I hoped to have done, plus all those other goals I want to accomplish, I realized something had to give. The second thing I realized is that it doesn’t have to be me that does all this work.

There’s nothing wrong with letting others help. The Huz and my daughter can pitch in. And, I can hire it out. Outsourcing is something I need to do more of. Instead of doing things I’m less qualified to do, or simply don’t enjoy doing, I’m going to start outsourcing to experts, so I can spend more time doing what fills my soul.

So how can we outsource?

Right away there are a few obvious ways to outsource.  A quick search online or asking friends for referrals is where you should start. I could hire someone to:

  • Clean my house
  • Deliver my groceries
  • Do our taxes
  • Clean out the eavestroughs
  • Do lawn maintenance
  • Detail the car
  • Clean and maintain a pool or hot tub
  • Wash the windows
  • Walk our beloved (yet quirkly) dog, Buddy

With food and house issues taken care of, I only have one more annoying weekly task: clothes maintenance.

Calgary dry cleaner

I’ve been going to Fishman’s for years. In truth it was because they were our closest Calgary dry cleaner. Then I realized they are the first and only Wet Cleaner in Calgary. Wet cleaning means you’re getting a solvent free, non-toxic clean that keeps carcinogens out of your garments (and your home).

As for services, how nice would it be to not have to hand wash your best blouse? How about de-linting your favourite sweater that’s now all fuzzy after months of winter wear? Fishman’s can do that for you and deliver it to your front door with their valet service. 

calgary dry cleaning
I’m always so proud of myself when I finally get to those errands that have been on my to-do list for months. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography)

This one stop shop has helped me out a lot lately. I had the sleeves on my daughter’s blazer extended (thus preventing me going out and buying her a new dress jacket). Next, I’ll be dropping off the remaining pile of clothes (currently sitting on a chair) that also need repairs.

Because their tailors are on-site, it takes only a few days to have alterations and repairs done. They even do shoe repairs on site. I so love that I don’t have to struggle to find a repair shop to fix the heel of my favourite ankle booties.

If that wasn’t enough, they offer discounts on different items. This month, I plan to use their 20% off deal to get our ski gear cleaned before we pack it away.

What’s more is they have a wash and fold service. Imagine being able to skip the laundry and have someone else deal with your laundry, towels, bedding or anything that needs to be washed.

Carpet cleaning Calgary

If you live here, you know Calgary is so dirty a this time of year. In my current spring cleaning mode, I found out Fishman’s also has a carpet cleaning service. Floor carpets, area rugs, floor runners, or hanging carpets, whatever your rug sitch, Fishman’s can sort it out.

So now, instead of hauling my dirty floor mats and area carpets outside and beating them by hand (yes I still do that), their experts can get the dirt out and deodorize them for me, plus remove any spots and stains. They can even apply a stain guard so it’ll stay cleaner longer. Did I mention they’ll pick up and deliver the rug for you too? It doesn’t get any easier!

Not to brag, but I’m starting to feel like I’m way ahead of my to-do list this spring. Time is love, baby And by outsourcing to Fishman’s, I’ve got more time to do the things I love, with the people I love the most. And don’t we all deserve that?

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19 thoughts on “Major giveaway for this Calgary dry cleaner”

  1. My best tip to get things out off my plate is to share my list with my partner.
    Everything goes faster when he helps me 🙂

  2. I’d love a gift certificate. A pair of shoes sits in the car waiting to be repaired and there’s plenty of winter stuff that needs cleaning.

  3. I outsource my house cleaning and we get lawn maintenance done at our cottage – so when we get there we can relax instead of mow grass!

  4. Oh gosh I don’t outsource much! But I have a stack of clothes that need zippers fixed and heels replaced! My favourite spring task though is cleaning our patio!

  5. I’d certainly like to outsource more but right now the only chore I outsource ia Spring Cleaning the lawn. If I didn’t, it would be dead.

  6. Jennifer Conlin

    I would LOVE this. There are so many things I have put of getting repaired and Dry cleaned. My Fave Cashmere winter coat needs some love. As well as some Quilts from my GG. I also did not know they repair shoes! This would be Amazing. I love that they also offer pick up and Drop off service. What’s not to love?.

    My best top is Make a list and delegate. Many hands make light work. Thanks for the chance.

  7. I outsource furnace cleaning. I like to keep a binder with my favourite companies that I use for household maintenance.

  8. Nancy Lassu

    My tip for checking off the ‘to-do list’ is assign items to each member of the family and no one can do anything fun, or have free time until these items are complete! My children are so helpful, and do all this with no compensation.

  9. Korri Cole

    I outsource a lot as I’m disabled. Right now I need a grad dress cleaned so a dear friend can borrow it, I need my carpets cleaned after I finish unpacking, and I need my favorite pair of boots fixed, they have seen many a day, would so love to win this as money only goes so far, but #1 on my list is to get the grad dress cleaned, please please put my name into the contest. I’m thrilled to know there is one place that does so much. Have an awesome weekend.

  10. I don’t outsource anything but i definitely get help from others. I also put on music and just get down to business!

  11. Katy Emanuel

    When things are really busy I order my groceries to my door, or if I can spare a bit of time I do click and collect for groceries. I also enlist my kids in some of the tasks and give them a lost of things that need to be done by the end of the week which helps.

  12. Shonna mccullough

    We outsourced our king size comforter and shams to Fishman’s Solvent free dry cleaning And we’re completely amazed ! Even though the recommended process on the tag said dry clean only I did not want any fumes – being severely asthmatic. Their pick up and delivery service was also outstanding, real timesaver !

  13. My husband and I make a to do list on our white board and check things off as we go, sharing the tasks. As for out sourcing we have a fantastic family who helps out whenever we need it! Whether it’s taking things to the dump or picking up milk for us they are always there!

  14. Lori Stainer

    Most things I do myself though I do enlist my son to help with some of the yearly to do things. The things I can’t do would be dry cleaning or furnace cleaning. For these I use the experts.

  15. Online grocery shopping is my favourite and when I really want to splurge a house cleaner

  16. carmen schrottner

    I don’t outsource but do get my grandson to help. Every little thing helps

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