cheap things to do in Calgary

Get your feet wet at Calaway Park’s Timber Falls!

There’s a lot to see and do in Calgary, but if getting your heart rate up is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. From ripping it along an 80 km/hr rollercoaster to whizzing down the world’s longest luge track, there’s no end to thrills in Calgary. I’ve rounded up the best Calgary Attractions for sport and adrenaline fanatics, plus dish on how to score significant discounts at each of them. All that’s required from your end is a hearty dose of confidence and a sense of adventure. Here are some fun and cheap things to do in Calgary for both adults and kids.

Cheap things to do in Calgary

summer luge

Skyline Luge is a thrill for all ages.

Skyline Luge Calgary

You don’t have to wait for winter to get your adrenaline going. Calgary sports the world’s longest luge track, and you can even barrel down it during the summer months! Skyline Luge is a wheeled gravity ride, but what’s cool about this attraction is you have full control over the speed.

elder activities

If 101-year-old John Bond can have a blast on the Skyline Luge, so can you!

Gravity plus downhill trajectory makes the 1.8 km long purpose-built track super fun, as does the 50 spine tingling twists and turns you’ll be faced with. But if you’re not into extreme speed, simply use the controls to slow yourself down. Kids 110cm tall and over six-years old can ride on their own.

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Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

There’s more to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame than learning about the role models who’ve developed and championed Canadian sport. (You can also see the two horses and two boats that’ve also been inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame!)

boxing museum

Shadow box with Canadian champs!

Interactive exhibits like the Media Room allow you to try your hand (and voice!) at being a sports announcer and broadcaster. Remember Eddie the Eagle? Get a taste for what it’s like soaring through the air like an eagle at the interactive ski jump. New this summer, the PyeongChang 2018 exhibit showcases five Olympic and four Paralympic athletes.

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Calaway Park Coupons

If you’ve got a need for speed, the Vortex Rollercoaster at Calaway Park reaches 80 km an hour in just three seconds! It’s just one of their 32 family rides that range from super mild for toddlers to heart in your throat scream-fests. Sky Wynder, their new ride for 2018 delivers a one-two punch. First, you get epic views of the Rockies while you’re raised up along the 40 ft column. Don’t get too comfortable, though! Within seconds it feels like the ground gives way as you spiral down the column again and again.

rollercoaster calgary

Do you have what it takes to ride The Vortex?

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Calgary Stampede

From steer wrestling to saddle bronc, there ain’t no shortage of thrills you can witness at the Calgary Stampede. And get this, you can amp up the fear factor, while still sitting down. North America’s tallest and longest multi-point Zipline will be suspended 140 ft. above Stampede Park during the 10-day extravaganza. (Stampede runs for 10 days, always beginning on the first Friday in July – unless that first Friday is Independence Day.)

stampede zip line

Don’t forget to snap on your GoPro so you can share your ride on social.

After clamouring up 14 storeys to the first platform, thrill seekers get harassed in to fly up to 50 km/hr to the second platform. From there, you’ll shoot across in an entirely different direction. All told, you’ll be whizzing across a distance equivalent to four football fields, and taking in the entire Stampede Midway from end-to-end.

Pro tip: Scarf back your midway treats after, not before your ride.

Calgary Coupons

Tourists, locals, anybody can download coupons to these and a host of other Calgary attractions. Simply visit Calgary Attractions to print or download your coupons. Be sure to share the news with your friends. Nobody ought to pay full price when they don’t have to, right?

What’s your favourite tourist attraction to get your adrenaline going?