I’ve got some big news to share, folks. TELUS Spark gets one-acre bigger this Friday, August 15. That’s when The Brainasium, a year-round, outdoor park opens on the grounds of the science centre. Designed for children and adults to discover the science of play, it’s chock full of family friendly adventures.

Why you need to get to the Brainasium playground at TELUS Spark

One of the city’s best all season playgrounds is found at TELUS Spark.

I was able to get a sneak-peek last week and am thrilled to share my findings. Be sure to read the whole post for a chance to win a free entry to TELUS Spark this weekend for your entire family.

The Brainasium at TELUS Spark

As parents, we’re always fretting about the safety of our children, but I think it’s so sad kids don’t have that same freedom we enjoyed back in the olden days. TELUS Spark has nailed the balance between building a park that’s safe and one that fosters our children’s sense of independence. The playground is fully enclosed, allowing caregivers to turn off their helicopter engines and let kids run around on their own.

Each of the 11 experiences in the one-acre space are physically engaging activities designed to combine brain and body adventures. You’ve got your physics-inspired play in the form of whisper dishes, a sand pendulum that’s like a life-size spirograph, plus a five-tonne spinning rock.

The Brainasium Opens at TELUS Spark

Learn about inertia and momemtum when spinning this 5-tonne rock!

The big ticket item is the tower leading to the 63-ft slide. You don’t need me to tell you that a slide of this scale is unique to all of Canada. Because of its shape and the direction it faces, the slide won’t overheat, nor burn bare legs on super hot days.

stainless steel slide

If you can make it to the top, you can handle the slide.

Outdoor nature playground in Calgary

This is a space where children will learn all about natural consequences. While the slide is designed for kids eight-years and up, if a younger tyke child can handle climbing all the way to the top of the tower, they’ll be able to plunge down the 63-footer. Rest assured, right next to the slide tower is a smaller slide and a mini climbing wall for wee-ones to start out on.

jungle gym

You’re always climbing inside of something at The Brainasium

TELUS Spark outdoor playground

What I love best? The Brainasium is mitt-friendly. Yep, our tots can wreak havoc here each and every season, making it one of the few all-season playgrounds in Canada. All climbing surfaces have been built inside structures, so in the event they fall, it won’t be onto the frozen ground – it’ll be on the safety netting. And you don’t have to be a science geek to realize snow pants will whip kids down that massive slide exponentially faster.

The acoustics will also change with the seasons. You know how muffled the world seems with a major dump of snow? Now imagine how snow and ice will change the sound of the outdoor music exhibits. Pretty cool, hey?

Entry to The Brainasium is included in regular admission, so the tots can run into the Creative Kids Museum to warm up, before tackling the outdoor classroom again and agin.

Brainasium see saw

A variety of surfaces challenge different brain receptors.

Awesome Events at TELUS Spark

But don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. This weekend, from August 15 to 17, you’ll find special programming at TELUS Spark. They’re partnering with the City of Calgary Recreation and Be Fit for Life, to develop a physical literacy curriculum. There’ll be loads of fun challenges for families all weekend long that are not only a hoot, but develop core skills in your body.

So tell me, what are your favourite zones to explore with your family at TELUS Spark? Comment by 8 p.m. MST Thursday, August 14 and you could win free entry for your entire family one day this weekend. I’ll draw a name Thursday night and will announce the winner Friday on this site. Best of luck!

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