Play-based learning is the latest trend in education these days and I’m all over that. Places like The Brainasium,  and other natural environments really do stimulate the mind.

How to foster a child's brain development at The Brainasium in Calgary.

The mind body connection can be tapped into by kids at Calgary’s Brainasium

Read on to learn how you can help your child train their brain and some facts on brain development.

The Brainasium

You’re probably wondering what a Brainasium is. It’s the new outdoor playground at TELUS Spark, Calgary’s interactive science center. It’s no ordinary playground. It’s more like a gym for your brain. Sure, kids will get a physical workout, but they’ll also work their brains. Here, you can help but foster a mind body connection with all the cool equipment they have.

How heavy is a child’s brain?

Your brain weighs just over three pounds and is a complex, fragile organ. It’s also a major energy hog – 20% of our body’s energy is consumed by your brain. Physical activity simulates all different parts of the brain, which can enhance performance when you sit down to learn something immediately following exercise.

How kids can grow their brain

Exercise doesn’t just build muscles – it can also build your brain. When we exercise, our bodies produce a range of chemicals – including a chemical in our brain called BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), which helps grow new brain cells. What does this mean? Combining physical exercise with learning is a huge boost to the brain.

Monster Mash-Up at TELUS Spark

Introduce physics to your kids via Newton’s Cradle

How to expand your child’s brain

Our brains change over time, anyone who’s ever experienced pregnancy brain knows that. But brains change in other ways, too. Researcher has shown that brains can “rewire” themselves – establishing connections that create new pathways for signals to crisscross the brain.

The best way to train your brain

We know exercise is good for your body, but we’re just now learning how it’s also good for your mind. Exercise and play enhances our ability to learn and remember – no matter what your age. Aerobic exercise has positive effects on brain function on both molecular and behavioral levels. It also helps to stimulate the growth of new connections between cells. When we play, we’re stimulate other parts of our brains, triggering new connections between those nerve cells.

The best thing parents can do for their child’s brain development

Encouraging active, unstructured, outdoor play is ideal. Letting kids run around so they can explore on their own not only helps develop these important brain chemicals, but fosters a sense of independence. Non-traditional playgrounds like The Brainasium allow kids to burn off energy while engaging their senses. Alternating from active play to the interactive exhibits at the science centre is one of the best ways to foster physical and mental development.

Thank you to TELUS Spark for sharing tips on how to help kids train their brain! As always, my opinions are my own.