How to Look Good on Christmas Morning

The girlfriend's guide to looking good Christmas morning
Will I look like this come Christmas morning? I doubt it, but I won’t be too far off. (Photo credit: F8 Photography)

The ironic thing about being a writer is having to write about topics you are clearly not an expert on. Take this blog post, for example. Do I normally look good? Nope. That’s why I wrote about fashion mistakes moms (like me) make. I’m a lazy sort who only does hair and makeup when I have an event to go to. I do, however, manage to look pretty OK in our Christmas morning photos. My secret on how to look good the morning after isn’t just having an eye for adorable winter pyjamas.

How to Look Good on Christmas Morning
Who knew Cindy and Jon Bon Jovi had a little holiday hanky panky?

The epiphany happened about a decade ago when I read an interview with Cindy Crawford. She was lamenting how horrible she looked in her family’s Christmas morning pics. Her hair was flat (if we can believe her), she wasn’t wearing any make up and her white PJs made her look totally washed out. I thought to myself, if Cindy can up her game Christmas morning, so can I. Since I’m no expert in the looking presentable department, I sought out my good friend and stylist Kim Flanagan to give me a few additional pointers.

holiday pajamas
Not grumpy (though I look it!), just not smiling because of my braces.

5 Ways to look good Christmas morning

  1. Brushing your teeth and a little lip gloss never hurt any girl. Stash your toothbrush, some foundation and your make up must haves in the bathroom nearest the tree. Right after the kids have done their stockings, make a beeline to the bathroom for a little primping.
  2. For an updated twist on the Xmas PJ’s, Kim recommends pairing a denim shirt with any PJ bottoms. Another option is investing in some seasonal flannels or a luxe silk robe.
  3. Do your hair the night before. Yes, Christmas Eve is a looong night, but come morning you want to be playing, not executing flat iron curls.
  4. Better yet, gift yourself a cute toque to don. You don’t want to be that mom who hides from the camera. It’s your family – be part of the memories!
  5. Throw on some earrings or any kind of festive jewelry you can easily stash in the living room (or on your tree!).

5 Tips for feeling good over the holidays

  1. Put on your undergarments, girl! You can not cook properly when you feel your boobs touching your stomach. Go ahead, I dare you.
  2. Get yourself a wax before the holidays (that means this week!) and treat yourself to a fresh panty. 
  3. According to Kim, hair removal and a mani-pedi are more important than what you wear. “It’s not about one party dress nobody notices anyway. The season is about family, not one event for strangers. Look your cutest for your people,” she advises. Hot nails and a ‘stash-free face are the better investment. When you feel physically good, you’re in a better mood.
  4. Scent is a natural mood changer. Need to wake up? Pump up the peppermint. Want to feel all cozy? Try using a decadent scented moisturizer or lighting a luxe candle. Spritz on your favourite fragrance and you’ll immediately feel better.
  5. Bring on the champers and OJ! One little tradition of mine is going halvies with prozacco I mean prosecco and freshly squeezed orange juice. One or two flutes of those and I’m not only the best mother in the world, I feel like it, too.

Do you care how you look on Christmas morning? How do you manage to pull yourself together while still being part of the action?

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