All you need to know about Dinosaurs in Motion at TELUS Spark

Who doesn’t love a selfie station?

Do you have a dino-hound on your hands? I remember when my daughter was five-year-old and was totally into dinosaurs. Now that Eve’s 10, she’s moved onto to other obsessions (thankfully not boys – yet), but like most kids, she’s still intrigued by these giants that once roamed all over Alberta. How lucky for us, TELUS Spark hosts the Canadian debut of Dinosaurs in Motion, a collision of science, art and engineering. And you could win free admission for your family to check it out!

Dinosaurs in Motion at TELUS Spark

Dinosaurs roar back to life at TELUS Spark

Dinosaur Design

Made of recycled steel, 14 life-size sculptures (9 of which have connections to Alberta) have recently taken up residence throughout the science center. While they are a marvel to look at, the experience is totally hands-on. Each of these anatomically inspired prehistoric creatures can roar back to life  through pulleys, levers and remote controls.

It's humbling comparing the size of heads!

It’s humbling comparing the size of heads!

The experience at TELUS Spark

Truthfully, I didn’t expect Eve, nor the gaggle of pre-schoolers behind us to be so enthralled. They say learning through engagement is the best way to retain information, and if that’s true, I expect these tykes to become total physics geeks. With all the hands-on action, they were able to experience how levers and pulleys affect movement. And it’s a total family affair. It’s a bit of a challenge to get the 44-ft long T-Rex’s jaw moving, so this is where Mom and Dad’s can step in and apply a bit of muscle.

While the exhibit is geared for 8 to 12-year-olds, the younger set had a blast maneuvering all the mechanics to make these dinos move. Plus, there are several “work” stations with kinetic toys and fossil rubbings to occupy wee-ones between sculptures.

flying dinosaur skeleton

Home schooling and TELUS Spark

I could totally see home-schoolers being all over this, especially since these creatures hit all the STEAM (that’s science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) components that educators are focusing on these days. Layer on top of that the Alberta connection and non-homeschoolers (like me), might also feel proud for sussing out such an inspiring learning opportunity. If only Eve’s teacher read my blog, she would realize I’m not as slack of a parent as I appear.

Most importantly, “it’s so cool!” as Eve said repeatedly during our visit. And now that spring is officially here, you’ll also want to budget ample time for kids to burn off their energy outside in The Brainasium, a fantastic nature playground.

Calgary Dinosaurs in Motion information 

Dinosaurs in Motion runs at TELUS Spark until June 28, 2015 and admission is included with membership or general admission. Love how there’s no extra charge for this exhibit!

Want to see it for yourself? Comment below on how you engage your children with science before midnight on Thursday, April 30, 2015. One lucky winner will win a pass for their family to check out this exhibit.