eat at the bar

With floor to ceiling window you certainly don’t feel like you’re dining in a mall.

Double Zero

When was the last time you were a double zero? I think I was about 10 years-old, but I’m still able to dip into 00 at the mall with the recent opening of Double Zero at Chinook Centre. What’s the name all about? Well, double zero flour or 00, as it’s known in Italy, has a lower gluten content then our strong Canadian wheat flour. Italians use this type of flour for making pizza and pasta dough.

pizza lounge

Family-style seating downstairs, plenty of two and four-top tables upstairs.

The light and airy space recently opened next next to Tory Burch (how convenient!). There’s ample seating in the lounge downstairs and the dining room upstairs.

Waitress with bottle of wine

One of our lovely servers.

That’s Kaitlin, one of the best waitresses I’ve ever had. She’s beyond lovely and her recommendations were spot on. I adored her favourite mushroom pizza bianco, with its garlic base, carmellized onions and creamy taleggio cheese. Topped with a grilled lemon, the acid really brought out the flavours.

Double Zero pizza

Love me a white sauce pizza.

And I was surprised by how often I kept going back for the chorizo salami pizza (I’m so not a sausage girl). With grilled red peppers, olives and and goats cheese, it was definitely moreish. Confession: I ate 3/4 of that pie!

Waitress carrying two pizzas

I demolished the ‘zza on the right

The one thing I love to order at any Double Zero is their roasted cauliflower. It’s studded with chick peas and pecorino cheese, and should be renamed, “the appetizer that tastes amazing and is healthy!” It’s a wonder I’m not in product marketing…

Get this, I drank beer! And I liked it! They have this Fallentimber Meadery draught, that tastes like a cross between an elderflower cordial and a shandy. I think mead means honey, so it was sweet and not at all nasty as beer (and French pedicures) tend to be.

Meatballs in tomato gravy

Score these meatballs for $5 during Happy Hour

The best part is they have a Happy Hour weekdays between 3 to 5 p.m., where select beer, wine and a variety of nibbles are available for $5.

The only thing that blew were the bathroom hand dryers. This gal likes hand towels. If that’s the only thing I have to complain about, I’d say they’ve done a pretty bang up job. In fact, I’m headed back with my extended family this week.

Are you a fan of thin crust Italian-style pizza, or do you prefer the thicker North American kind?

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