Drawn to Men

Take one nearly naked dude, add a few art supplies, toss in a handful of gals marinated in champagne and what do you get? Why, it’s the latest ladies activity sweeping across Canada: Drawn to Men!

women sketching

If you’re like me, you’re curious about art, perhaps even interested in producing it on some level. But then the doubt sets in. “I suck at drawing. I’m not creative,” you think. This is where Drawn to Men, a raucous art party comes in.

This art class is arranged much like you would a home party. You can do it in the privacy of your own home or at a designated gallery space. Hour and a half sessions are led by a professional art instructor, who also brings in all the art supplies, champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Yeah, you could draw a bowl of fruit or some dull landscape, but where’s the fun in that? At Drawn to Men parties, you learn how to sketch hot guys!

erotic art party

Don’t worry about drawing a blank. The instructor guides you through a series of lesson plans especially chosen to unleash your creative side. While specific techniques (like figure and gesture drawing) are taught, it’s more about creating and having a good time.

These art parties aren’t solely focused on the beefcake. Gals pair up and draw portraits of one another and there’s a fun musical chairs type game, where you get to contribute to everybody else’s drawing.

Date idea

The best part? There are no rules. They provide the instruction, but what you draw is up to. So, don’t be surprised if your more risque friends concentrate on the model’s err, package.

sketching nudes

I bet you’re wondering (as I was), just where they get these hunky male models? “Trust me, it’s not hard to find guys who want to do this,” Drawn to Men owner Nicole Kern confided in me.

Finished product

These pics are from a Drawn to Men stagette I sat in on last month. But it’s not just for bachelorette parties. This kind of activity would breathe new life into any book club, mommy group or gay guy gathering. It sure beats the hell out of Tupperware parties, don’t you think? And if it’s good enough for The Real Housewives of Vancouver, I say it’s good enough for us less Botoxed bitches, too.

Have you ever taken an art class as an adult? Would you be interested in going to an activity like this?

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