A Perfect Saturday Morning

Autumn Rain
Rainy days in Europe seem so much more romantic. (Image via turningpoint2.tumblr.com)

Saturday mornings are so fantastic, aren’t they? It’s like you’ve got the whole weekend filled with endless possibility laid out in front of you. What should you do? Go to brunch? Go the gym? Fall back asleep? When you have kids, however, your time isn’t really your own anymore. Last weekend I had Friday night and Saturday morning all to myself, which meant I was able to design a perfect couple of hours. Here’s what went down. 

Setting your weekend up for success

Friday night I managed to sneak into a hot yoga class. I’m a fan of the Karma class at Hotshop, not only because it’s $5, but they bring in a D.J. Makes me feel slightly young and hip and not some old lady who chooses exercise instead of a night on the town. Hot yoga always sets me up for a great night sleep, but before I hit the sack, I watched a few episodes of The Mindy Project on Netflix. Have you seen it? If you’re female and over 25, you’ll probably love it. 

The only bummer with my Saturday was that I wasn’t able to sleep in. I was wide awake by 7:50, so I grabbed the computer and registered for a 9:30 spin class at One Cycle. Then it was a savoury breakfast of smoked salmon and a poached egg, while I cruised my favourite blogs. 

city bike in fall
I need to organize a fall picnic!

After spin I hied myself to the chiropractor. I was able to get in without a wait (bonus!), which meant I had ample time to peruse The CookBook Co. next door. I love this foodie  shop so much, I volunteer at their cooking classes. But on Saturday I was on a mission and that mission involved fat. Duck fat. I get that spinning and duck fat don’t seem very compatible, but if you’re making crispy, garlicy potatoes, only duck fat will do. 

And if Cookbook Co has extra copies of last month’s international magazines, they leave them out for you to pick up. I snagged a Donna Hay and BBC Good Food for free. Another bonus! Then I whipped by MEC and picked up an awesome fall jacket I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

Having this unhurried time meant I was able to take a bath (with two cups of epsom salts) instead of shower, and do all those tiresome grooming tasks that seem to take so much time, but don’t really. Not sexy, decidedly dull, but to me, it was a perfect Saturday morning. 

Funny how it’s the little things that can make you so happy. I’m curious, what would you do with a Saturday morning all to yourself?

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