Secrets to a Flatter Stomach

How to Get a Flatter Tummy

Flat stomach

Warning: this isn’t one of those how to lose stomach fat posts. I’m keeping it short and sweet, folks. I’m three days away from another beach holiday, but I’m too busy to be excited, yet. I’ve got deadlines looming, and I’m hoping I can squeeze in a few workouts. Since Hawaii, I haven’t made it to the gym that often.

I feel I don’t look my best, but luckily, I’ve got a hidden ace up my sleeve. Behold:


One of my girlfriends introduced me to Candicin about a year ago, and I haven’t looked back. It’s not one of those diet pills or anything like that. It’s just a bunch of essential oil extracts like oregano, ginger and evening primrose oil, to name a few. I like it because it soothes the intestinal tract, but its primary function is as a yeast fighter.

If you’re prone to indulging in sugar or a few drinks (also sugar), then you know what it’s like to wake up looking four months pregnant. But Candicin fights that yeast, and you wake up with a lovely, flat tummy. That’s the real reason I take it. All the other stuff is a nice bonus, though.

Off I go on my trip, not stressing about how I look, because you know what I’ll be packing….Oh, I haven’t found a shop in Calgary that stocks it regularly, so I just order it in from dedicated vitamin stores.

*Note: it should be pretty obvious I’m not a medical doctor. Just because I use this product doesn’t mean you should. Talk to your regular health care practitioner, and don’t blame me if you end up with blue hair or anything.

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