Need a little holiday inspo? My ultimate summer bucket list

Need some vacay inspiration? Check out this summer bucket list
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That travel makes people happy is a no brainer. But it’s not the actual trip that makes you happy. It can, of course, but research says it’s the anticipation of your trip and what you’re about to experience that makes you happy. I believe it, too We all need something to look forward to, which is why I always make an annual summer bucket list.

I do this in my journal anyway, so I figure I might as well share it with you. And I like having something I can look back on, to see if I’m on track. It also forces me to book certain activities in advance. If you don’t schedule it, it may not happen. At least not in my world. Here are my intentions for summer 2018.

Summer bucket list

Need a little holiday inspo? The mother summer bucket list
Toronto did not make my bucket list this year, but if I do happen to get there, I’d love to check out their harbour

Mountain adventures

I live near the mountains, but I’m totally guilty of not doing all the things I have access to. This year, I’m going to prioritize:

See the grizzlies at Lake Louise Ski Resort. You may recall I’ve had this on my list for the past two years. Third time’s the charm, right?

Via Ferrata at Mt Norquay. I’ve done one of their Via Ferrata routes, but last summer they launched two more. This year I can (and hope to!) take Eve.

Hike Sunshine Meadows. I did this hike last year, but there was a wildfire nearby, so we had to make it quick. This year, we’re going further and will take our time.

Visit Island Lake Lodge. I’ve always wanted to visit in summer and they have a new hike developed by an all female trail crew. How cool is that?! I’m booked in for July, so this one has got to happen.

Hike twice a month. This doesn’t sound like very often, but with my travel schedule, it is. I managed to go on two hikes in May, but June isn’t shaping up as well.

SUP on a lake. It could be Quarry Lake in Canmore, but I’m not fussed.

Take a summer vacation

Yes, I want to go on one. And yes, I’ve got something booked. Eve and I are off to the Maritimes for 10 days of sand, sun and seafood. My goals are:

Eat lobster. Lots of lobster. And mussels.

Rent a cabin by the ocean. This was done, but the VRBO cancelled. Grrrr… Onto AirBnB!

Ride a ferry. This was on my 2017 list, but it didn’t happen. I’m not quite sure how it’ll happen this summer, as I have no island hopping planned. Still, it needs to remain on the list so it can manifest itself. Work The Secret, girl!

Plan a getaway with The Huz. After all, couples who travel together, stay together

Go camping

I’ve wanted to camp – like for real, for the past couple of years. This year I’m planning on:

Renting an RV from Wheel Estate and camping on my own! Well, I’m taking Eve, but not relying on The Huz to set it up for me. Wish me luck!

Glamping! I’d like a bubble, but I’d take a tent (African safari style), yurt or cabin.

City escapes 

I feel somewhat ridiculous that I have to prioritize these things that come so naturally to others. I work a lot of crazy hours, but despite my freelance schedule, I’m determined to:

Enjoy our patio. A few times a week (Two? Three? Not sure yet…) I want to be out on our new couches reading, sipping wine and maybe napping. It’ll be a daily mini vacation, doing something I love and savouring it.

Hit as many outdoor patios as possible. So far I’ve soaked up a few rays at Cilantro, Cibo and Shokunin. This needs to happen weekly me thinks. 

Weekly outdoor walks with girlfriends. Another no brainer, but I haven’t even done this once and we’ve had such gorgeous weather for the past six weeks. Ladies, you know who you are. Let’s all reach out.

Patio lunch/ pool at Hotel Arts. I had the best time during my mini staycation at Hotel Arts a few weeks ago. It is such a sweet property, I know I need to go again, but next time I’ll wear my swimsuit under my clothes.

Skyline Luge. This amazing summer luge is situated right in Calgary and is affordably priced. I HAVE to try it tout de suite! Update: My teen and I loved it! If you’ve got older kids, you can find inspiration for fun things to do together from this comprehensive summer bucket list for teens.

summer luge course
Oh yes I will!

Day trips around Calgary

Chuckwagon Cafe. I have a lovely girlfriend in Turner Valley and she introduced me to Motoburrito, an awesome taco truck. This year, I want to scarf back a burger at the Chuckwagon Cafe and perhaps take a tour at Eau Claire Distillery.

High River. I love my hometown and every summer I take Eve down for the day. We visit George Lane Park, grab burgers and shakes from the Hitchin’ Post and kick around town. Buddy likes it, too!

I feel this list is way longer than last summer’s. Last summer I barely made a dent in my bucket list. I have a way better feeling about this year though.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you as neurotic as I am and make similar lists?

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