Here’s how I did on my summer bucket list

Summer 2017 may be over, but I'm reliving my best bucket list items nailed
This summer my family did a lot of playing in the field behind our house in Canmore.

Weirdly, I had low expectations for this summer. The upside is, it turned out to be one of my best summers in years. I didn’t exactly nail my summer bucket list, but this summer was all about rolling with whatever came my way. Here’s a look at how summer 2017 shaped out.

Here’s how I did on my summer bucket list
I found out in July I really, really like the pina coladas served up at Ricardo’s Hideaway

Summer bucket list 2017 goals

Chill on a ferry: In no way did I come close to this. Pasting this into text summer’s bucket list.

Plunge into so many outdoor pools: I tried! I hit the pool at Fairmont Pacific Rim after hitting this party. In July I did slip into a public pool, but then I quickly got grossed out. Too many kids, something weird floating by me, etc… We did stay at three different hotels over the course of the summer and I made sure each and everyone of them had an outdoor pool, which I dutifully plunged into.

Spot some grizzlies and moose! For the second year in a row, I did not make it to Lake Louise Ski Resort to view moose from their gondola. I’m bummed about this, but the only two days it could’ve worked, my family was dead tired after just coming home from a camp or a flight.

jody robbins hiking
During our stay at Mount Engadine we did a quick hike and soaked up the views of Spray Lakes

I also didn’t spot any moose at Mount Engadine Lodge, but I did get to the lodge for an overnight with Eve in July. I’m so glad I had the foresight to book this in June, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have happened.

Take a quick couple’s trip: I really didn’t think this was going to happen, but it did. Everything came to fruition. The Huz surprised me by doing all the research, booking flights – the whole shebang. It was perfect! We put our many, many Aeroplan points to good use and jetted off to New York for three perfect days. Basically I ate my way around Manhattan. It was bliss.

manhattan views from soho
I hit Laduree everyday we were in New York. Wouldn’t you?

Hit some cool small Alberta towns: Total failure. Again, we had a very small window of when this could’ve happened. Our summer was basically planned around Eve’s camps, her annual farm visit and a week where she was lucky enough to join a friend at their cabin. On our off weeks, we had the Stampede and extra long weekends in Canmore. There were two – maybe three days where we could’ve hit High River or Turner Valley, but it was either pouring rain or she just needed a day without moving. Hoping I can get down the Cowboy Trail this fall with my high school girlfriends.

Veg out: Kind of/yes? I tried to get back to Coup for another vegetarian brunch, but it didn’t happen. No matter. Pretty much once a week I cook a complete veg meal. Nobody else will eat it, so it’s lasting me a few meals.

What rocked that I didn’t expect to happen

matching lipstick and nail polish
Pre-party time at Fairmont Empress
  • Getting to attend the grand re-opening party at Fairmont Empress in Victoria.
  • Sleeping in till 9:30 a.m. pretty much every morning for the first three weeks in July.
  • Seeing Duran Duran at an outdoor concert.
  • Going to Costa Rica for a health and wellness trip. Much needed post Stampede. And I got to milk a cow!
  • Taking a quick road trip to Vernon with The Huz and Buddy. Buddy is not the best traveller, in case you’re wondering.
  • Having a girl’s weekend in Canmore with my old work besties. I now know how to make a mean frosé!
  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday with an Amazing Race style hunt.
Calgary bloggers
My partner Ingrid and I scored second place in The Danazing Race! Mr. Fabulous won first, but I think he cheated:)

How did your summer turn out?

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4 thoughts on “Here’s how I did on my summer bucket list”

  1. Ahh Jody
    I always get a kick out of your articles (one of the few I allow into my inbox), despite rarely taking the time to comment 😉
    Feeling especially honoured to have this special mention in your summer highlights… thanks for a Danazing day!
    Ingrid Kue

    1. Awww, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. That was such a fun day and made even better by getting to know you better.

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing summer! Ours didn’t go quite according to plan. We ended up visiting Quebec instead of Alberta because I didn’t book soon enough and wasn’t willing to compromise on where I wanted to stay. That goes on next summer’s list! I love Laduree but have never had their coffee – is it good?

    1. Our summer usually never works out, but this year the stars aligned. Everything is good at Laduree, but I think there tea is something special. You can get a great cup of coffee in a lot of places, but it’s hard to find a perfectly brewed cuppa.

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