Shopping for Swimco bathing suits online

Can there be anything worse then trying on swimsuits under the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting? OK, maybe underwear and bra shopping rank up there, but shopping for bathing suits is one of my least favourite activities. A few years ago, Swimco took the plunge and launched its nation-wide online shopping at

miracle bathing suit
The Miracle bathing suit really does keep it all in.

Swimco bathing suits

I’ve always been a fan of Swimco bathing suits, but I was nervous to go bathing suit shopping online.  It’s not like buying a cute top. Bathing suits have to fit just so. And then there’s always the question of how you return the product if you don’t like it. Do you have to pay for the return shipping, etc…

Finally, I took a quick cruise around the Swimco site. I was on the hunt for a sexy one-piece. Something that would stand up to endless hours in the water supervising kids, but wasn’t frumpy. In less than five-minutes I found this cute number below, made a few clicks and it was soon to be mine.

Sexy one piece black bathing suitI choose the cheapest shipping option: Ground in 7-14 days for $8. I got a notice saying it shipped out on Tuesday and it arrived on my doorstop Wednesday before noon. It only took a day! (Glad I didn’t pay for express shipping!) Likely it shipped so fast because I live in Calgary and Swimco is a Calgary-based company.

Then came the dreaded trying on moment: trying it on. Miracle of miracles, the suit fit beautifully. Never in my life have I tried on just one suit, had it fit and liked it so much I was done.

This is likely because I actually paid attention to their sizing. Whenever you select a suit online with Swimco, a window pops up with the sizing for that brand. I didn’t think I’d be an 8 (I’m more 4 to 6 up top and larger on the bottom), but according to the measurement chart I was an 8.

I trusted it and viola – a suit in my hands that didn’t involve trotting over to the mall. (I’m so going to order all my kid’s swimsuits this way now, too.)

Had the suit not fit, their refund policy is actually decent. They’ll replace, exchange, or refund any items that you’re not satisfied with within 21 days of original purchase date. Naturally, it’s got to be unworn, unwashed, in its original condition and packaging, with all tags and hygienic protection liner still attached.

There’s a Purolator return shipping label that comes with your suit, so it’s easy to return or you can take it to a Swimco shop for the refund/exchange (unless you paid using PayPal, those can’t be refunded in-store).

I contacted Swimco and asked them if they could do something sweet for TravelswithBaggage readers. They kindly offered to waive the shipping with any online orders made before June 29, 2014. Use this code if you want to take advantage of it: TRAVELSWB

Do you buy clothes online? I never have before, and would love to know what other brands offer good service.

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