Custom-made swimsuits in Calgary: CABA Fashions

Jumping for joy my suit doesn’t ride up my butt.

I’ve been getting a few inquiries into the blue swimsuit I wore in my Vacation Fails post. Does two friends asking where you got your suit constitute a few inquiries? I say, yes! Would you believe that in Calgary you can get a swimsuit tailor made exactly for your unique proportions and that it’ll cost less than what you’d pay at the mall? It’s true at CABA Fashions.

Where to get custom swimsuits in Calgary

I’d heard about CABA a few years ago from a former editor who romped around Croatia in a super cute red polka dot bikini. When I looked at my calendar mid-January and realized, holy shit, I’ll be in Mexico in two weeks, I knew where I had to call. I was doubtful Chelsea LaBossiere (CABA) would be able to turn around two suits for me in 10-days, but she did!

man and woman posing on a beach

I was really happy with the turquoise colour of my swimsuit.

At first I was only going in for a bikini, since all my current ones have saggy bum syndrome. After spying the racks of options at her studio, I realized I’d better get a sexy one-piece, too. Just to be on the safe side.

How much does custom swimwear cost?

It was the price that sealed the deal. She estimated my suit would cost $100, which is her starting point. Both suits came in at $100 each, but if your boobs are bigger than mine (and let’s face it, they probably are!) you should likely budget a bit more. Expect to put down a 50% deposit on your first visit.

Chelsea works a lot with the ladies doing those body building competitions, plus figure skaters and gymnasts. When you go into the CABA (home) studio, you’ll notice a lot of blingy embellishments you can add to your suit thanks to these other customers. At that first appointment you’ll get measured, find a flattering design and choose your fabric. You’ll come back again for a fitting, and if you’re lucky, that’ll be your final one. For some, tweaks need to be made, but you’ll be able to pick up your suit a day or so after that second appointment.

CABA is perfect for gals with bodies who don’t fit mass production cookie cutter sizes. That includes pregnant mamas and children. Small on top with more to love on the bottom? Welcome to the club! CABA will kit you out in a body-flattering style you’ll feel comfortable and confident in. Feel free to bring in a photo of a style you like or one of your old suits that suited you well. Naturally I forgot both, but it worked out just fine.

The Deets on custom bathing suits in Calgary

  • Shopping is by appointment only.
  • Expect your suit to take two weeks, but rush orders (like mine) can be accommodated depending on her current work load.
  • CABA’s studio is located in the NE community of Tuxedo, just off Edmonton Trail. It’s less than five minutes away from Deerfoot and 16 Ave.
  • Email Chelsea: [email protected] or call to schedule at appointment: 403-244-8255

Have you ever had a custom swimsuit made? Where do you go for your swimwear?

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