Tip of the Week: Wet Brush

The Wet Brush

Most women I know would never work through wet hair with a brush. We’ve been taught that it breaks off the hair and it’s just way healthier to use a comb. Trouble is, it’s annoying to switch from comb to brush when you’re blowing out and who wants to pack both when you’re travelling? The solution is…. the Wet Brush.

When I recently got my hair Botoxed, my stylist “combed” through my hair using this bad boy. “Are you allowed to do that?” I asked worriedly. He replied that he most certainly was, and told me I ought to pick one up for myself. His salon didn’t carry it, but Chatters and most of those other sub-standard salons in the mall do, too.

It was love at first brush! It’s lightweight, doesn’t pull and most importantly, my daughter’s been converted. She was under the impression that fiercely brushing her hair was easier for detangling than going through with a comb. I was forever fearful this practice would set her up for a lifetime of frizzy hair.

With the Wet Brush, we’ve reached I compromise. I don’t have to nag and she gets through her hair easily and neatly. I think I paid about $14 for it. #worthit

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5 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Wet Brush”

  1. brooklynberrydesigns

    I have a wet brush and its AH-Mazing. I don’t understand WHY but I love how it makes my hair silky smooth without any product.

  2. Agreed – this brush is the best!! My 5 year old uses one and it does make a huge difference with hair that tangles. She uses a bit of the spray-in de-tangler and then brushes her hair on her own which is so nice when I am rushed in the morning.

    1. I wish I had started Eve at five! Thanks so much for commenting, Jennifer! Much appreciated.

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