Travel Gifts for Smoother Journeys + Giveaways!

Holiday gift-giving can be so stressful. To keep it simple, I’m focusing on travel gifts that make road trips and airplane journeys a little smoother. And as a thank you, I’ll be giving away some of these products to loyal readers. Read on to find out what’s on offer.

Pearson airport lounge
Would a visit to Toronto’s new Plaza Premium Landmark Lounge make holiday travel smoother? You know the answer…
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Travel gifts that provide a distraction

We all know how travel delays can come on in an instant, yet last forever. What you need in these times of travel woes is something engaging yet lightweight that’s kept close at hand.

travel gifts
The Nintendo Switch OLED model has a super crisp screen gamers will love. Credit: Nintendo Co. Ltd.)

That’s why the Nintendo Switch OLED model is a good choice when distractions are needed. It sports a 7” screen and wide adjustable kickstand, which makes gameplay experiences feel that much more immersive. It’s a very versatile system, transforming from a home console to a portable system in a snap.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can easily connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV and enjoy those multiplayer games with friends and family. Nintendo Switch Sports puts a new spin on the beloved Wii Sports classic with new characters and six sports to play like Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Bowling and Chambara.

To keep kids entertained during a long day of travel, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are the hot new games that just launched exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

hot new nintendo switch games 2022
These are 2 hot new games that just launched! (Credit: Nintendo Co. Ltd)

Best hostess gift ever!

If over the holidays you’re spending extended periods of time with family and sharing tight quarters, you need a sanity saver! Mountain Joe is a Canadian coffee cocktail produced by Banff’s Park Distillery. It’s a hard cold brew and tastes just like an espresso martini (but with half the calories!).

In need of a pick-me-up when dealing with early morning holiday wake-ups? Crush a Joe and you’ll be good to go – awake and slightly buzzed. Pretty much the perfect state to deal with the in-laws.

For the time being, Mountain Joe is only sold in Alberta, so it makes for a good hostess gift if you’re travelling to other provinces.

hard cold brew
Mountain Joe is also quite the helper in the kitchen. Check out my Instagram @TravelswBaggage for this ginger cookie recipe.

Super skincare kits

Alberta’s windchill is way too harsh on our faces, and airplane travel will do your skin no favours, either. Last year I got hooked on the Kiehl’s and this year I’m definitely delivering their power-packed skincare to those on my nice list.

Top of the list is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizing Kit. This set delivers all-day hydration in convenient, travel-size packaging. The kit is comprised of the #1 best-selling moisturizer, Ultra Facial Cream (50ml), the Ultra Facial Cleanser (75ml), the Ultra Facial Toner (40ml) and the Ultra Facial Overnight Rehydrating Mask with 10.5% Squalane (14ml). Yes, all of these minis will make it through airport security.

Made by Radio, a Cape Town/London-based studio, created the captivating packaging, which is so fetching you hardly need to wrap this kit up. What I like best is the value. Individually these products retail for $91, but the kit retails for $55.

moisturizing travel skincare kit
I’ve been using Kheil’s Ultra Facial Cream for over a year now and am a super fan.

A stocking stuffer you should use yourself

Compression sox have come a long way in the last couple of years. Supporo is a Canadian company that designs super cute compression sox that travellers ought to be wearing.

fashion compression sox
Supporo sox are decidedly not your grandmother’s compression sox.

Why? Supporo’s compression sox have medium-high gradual compression which promotes better blood circulation, which helps to prevent swelling in your legs and feet, reducing pain altogether.

Compression sox reduce the risk of thromboembolism when flying and are also great for expecting mothers to wear during travel whether it be by car, plane or train. You can choose between Supporo’s fashion line Mode or opt for their Sport Compression socks, which reduce muscle soreness and quicken recovery time.

canadian compression sox
Compression sox are also great for playing sports and will totally aid your recovery time.

Making airports more tolerable one drink at a time

Plaza Premium Lounge offers pay-per-use airport lounge access regardless of ticket class. Their lounges are a total oasis from the airport hustle and bustle and include shower rooms, children’s play areas and working stations.

play area airport lounge
Yes, that is a children’s play area inside Toronto’s Plaza Premium Landmark Lounge.

Last month, I used a Plaza Premium Lounge for the first time in Montreal. It was fantastic. It had showers, a full bar with cocktails, actually really good wine and a full course spread laid out on Le Creuset dishes.

From November 15 to December 31, 2022, guests can save up to 50% off Canadian and global lounge access with its new collection of Holiday Passes. Passes start at as little as CAD $118.37 for 2 visits. Each comes with a complimentary festive cocktail or mocktail to celebrate the holidays in style.

lounge pass
Plaza Premium Lounge passes are a thoughtful gift for any frequent or one time traveller.

The passes can also be gifted to couples, families, and large travelling groups. Order online.


Want to make your travels smoother? I’ll be doing individual draws for the following products:

  • 4-pack of Mountain Joe
  • Supporo Compression Sox
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizing Kit

The giveaway kicks off Monday night, November 21 until November 23, so hop over to my Instagram @TravelswBaggage then to enter.


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