4 Fab Masks for Winter

These are the top facial masks to use in winter or for sensitive skin
Now is the time to treat your skin so some luxe, moisturizing products.

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Winter I adore you, but your harsh, dry air wreaks havoc on my sensitive skin. Hot yoga and using a humidifier help, but for some extra oomph I treat myself to a calming mask about once a week at this time of year. If you’re looking to quench dry, parched skin, check out these 4 fab winter masks I currently have on rotation.

Best winter masks

This Hydrating Kiwi Masque can be hard to find outside of France. Luckily it’s on Amazon. I first sampled it after it was snuck into my hands by an aesthetician from the esteemed Darphin Institute in Paris. I splurged on having a facial there during a quick layover in Paris and I can tell you it was money well spent. All Darphin’s products are top notch and this mask relieves thirsty, sensitive skin with its infusion of vitamin E, shea butter and kiwi extract. You can use it anytime of year, but I find it most useful in the drier months.

Facial masks for sensitive skin
You can find this mask usually at Sephora.

Masks from The Face Shop

France had their turn, then the Japanese and now Koreans are leading the world with their innovative beauty treatments. At The Face Shop you can score dozens funky masks for under a fiver. Admittedly you’ll look like a mummy when you wrap the 3D mask sheet across your face, but such is the price of beauty. Pay the extra buck and get a mask that includes a highly enriched ampoule you apply to your skin prior. These mask throw in impressive sounding ingredient like colostrum (!), collagen and pine mushroom to create more resilient skin. If you can’t get to a Face Shop store, they have a great selection on Amazon at approximately a buck per sheet. 

3D mask sheet
I love any all serums.

Found at Market Mall and Chinook Centre in Calgary and online

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

I come back to this super hydrating treatment year after year. You can apply this mask for the recommended 15 minutes or slather it on before bed and go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll find it’s penetrated and plumped up your skin. Earning top marks in the rehydration and repair category, be sure to slather this on after a day braving the elements.

moisturizing winter mask
I love masks like this one that you can use instead of night cream.

Found at Origins counters and online (click image below).

Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask

Not only does this Neal’s Yard mask smell heavenly, it instantly brightens lacklustre skin. Comprised of maple, damask rose and gotu kola (reputed to stimulate collagen production), it very gently exfoliates and leaves you feeling as dewey as a freshly plucked rose. Naturally the scent is totally intoxicating, too. No lie, it’s pricy. 

organic facial mask
As you’d expect, it smells heavenly, too.

Found at Neal’s Yard Remedies and Amazon.

Do you treat your skin differently in winter? What are some of your favourite masks or remedies to combat the cold?

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2 thoughts on “4 Fab Masks for Winter”

  1. Omg the no 7 beautiful skin
    Teint parfait hydration mask for dry
    To very dry skin. Intense moisture
    Boost ! Affordable and results are
    Noticeable in 10 min just massage in
    Relax and rinse! I beleive exclusive
    At shoppers drug mart.

    1. These are great recs, J! I haven’t tried Teint but I’ll give it a whirl. Really appreciate you commenting!

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