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Uggs vs. Bogs vs. Sorels

Ugh! It’s only November, but Calgary’s been well entrenched in winter for a good month already. When you live in a city that’s perpetually snowy, you’ve gotta have good gear. Yeah, it blows to wear winter boots all the time, but at least we have better options than the Sorels of yesteryear – which brings us to the classic mom debate: Uggs vs. Bogs vs. Sorels.

The deal with Uggs

I’ve noticed that this WAG favourite has gone by the wayside in recent years. Uggs are super comfy and warm, and I love how you can tromp around in them without wearing any sox. They have a few downsides, however. Sexy, they’re not. Uggs have gotten glam status only because of the hot celebrities wearing them. As a co-worker (male) once remarked, “Nobody really looks good in Uggs – unless they’re naked.”

More importantly, they’re not waterproof, which is a big deal where I live.

“The problem with Uggs is Calgary, is that we live in a slushy, wet winter mess and you’re gonna get salt stains over them,” notes my friend, the IMBer.

Bottom line? Save Uggs for crisp, dry winter days.

Bottom line with Bogs

It’s a fact, many moms have given Uggs the boot, in favour of Bogs. Bogs are super warm too, but they’re also waterproof, making them a better bet for when you’re stuck outside in wet snow. The downside? They’re somewhat slippery as they don’t have great for grip and they look like rain boots kids would wear. Actually, they ARE boots kids wear. I’m see ankle-biters in them all the time now.

“They look like the mother of all winter boots, but when I’m on the playground waiting for my kids – I want my feet warm and I want them dry. I’m done with cold, wet feet,” avows the IBMer.

Bottom line? Bogs win hands down for going out in the muck, but they don’t transition well. You wouldn’t want to be caught wearing them by the Fashion Police.

What up with Sorels

Sorels have gotten a bad rap likely because they used to be so ugly. Most kids growing up in my generation have worn a pair of these clod-hoppers. But look! Women now wear them on private planes!

Admittedly, Sorels look way better now than they ever have, but there’s still that issue of the laces. It’s hard to do them up and have them stay done up. These boots are clunky, and the part where the plastic meets the fabric isn’t very flexible, so it can chafe your foot. But, they’re warm, keep your feet dry and have good grip, making them the perfect boot for the ski hill. And if you get the kind without laces well, Bob’s your uncle!

slip on sorel boot

Bottom line: Heavy duty Sorels are great for short stints or if you’re standing around in one place. I wouldn’t recommend them for a long winter’s walk, though. Their fashion line, however, is another story. I just bought the boot above and so far we’re still in love.

Do you have a favourite winter boot? Please share!

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  1. I have an old pair of Sorrels which I throw in the car if I’m out for along winter drive. I think of them as my hard working emergency boot. I found some Merrell boots at MEC I like – still clunky but not as bad as Uggs. I think your male coworker has a point.

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