Best Use of Your Lunch Hour

ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Lunch ‘n Learn Have you ever taken a lunchtime cooking class? My friend Robin invited me to join to her for a recent ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Lunch ‘n Learn. In these weekly, noon-hour demo classes, you’ll learn how to create a few dishes, eat them and get to take the …

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Amazing Après Ski Meal

When you come in from skiing you’re a little tired, a little cold and a lot hungry. Here’s an easy, satasfiying menu filled with cozy food to warm you up.

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday cocktails are always a crowd pleaser, but you don’t want to get too carried away with obscure ingredients. Here are some easy recipes to try.

Best Holiday Eggnog

We all know the holidays are much more palatable with a few seasonal bevies under our belts. I’m a firm believer in seasonal spirits and I always whip up a few batches of festive fuel when I’m entertaining. When I lived in Japan in my 20‘s, you couldn’t buy commercial eggnog, so that first Christmas away from …

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Culinary Campus

SAIT’s downtown Culinary Campus is a haven for foodies working in Calgary’s downtown core. With cooking classes and a fresh market, it gives students a chance to showoff the culinary skills and office workers are treated to affordable meals.

Best Thai Food

Thai food hits all the right flavour notes, but there’s more to it than gloopy pad thai. Here are some authentic dishes you must try if given the chance.

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