Stressed? The best places for massage in Calgary

I reckon I’ve had somewhere in the range of 100 to 200 massages in my lifetime. I’m no connoisseur, but I’ve had enough to know who delivers and who doesn’t. We all know massage is about the practitioner, and I recently found a few places to get a fantastic massage in Calgary, plus some spa destinations you’ll definitely want on your radar.

Massage in Calgary: Where to get the best treatment
Are you stoked you’re about to discover where to get positive energy flowing in Calgary?
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Massage in Calgary

Not only do the spots I’m about to recommend have excellent staff and treat them well, these facilities also dole out little extras and offer unique treatments that go beyond your basic massage. Read on to learn about my favourite places for a massage in Calgary.

Couples massage Calgary

How do you find out where the best couples massage is in Calgary? You tap your girlfriends! When I asked them for their favourite therapeutic spot, Stillwater Spa came up time and time again. Located inside the Hyatt Regency in downtown Calgary, this swish day spa gives guests a complete experience.

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It’s a place where couples will want to spend several hours – either before or after your treatment. You can order food here and the menu has a good selection of appies (steak bites!), entrees and even wine!

If you’re not too hungry, you can nosh on the nibbles provided in the co-ed lounge. During my visit, there were fresh strawberries, brie and crackers, plus house-made granola and buckwheat honey granola bars.

Stressed? The best places for massage in Calgary
The women’s change room is peaceful and inviting.

Thoughtful touches included a welcome letter inside your locker and a packet of Gehwol bath salts from Germany you can take home with you. Lockers, plush robes and slippers are provided.

You’ll want to bring a bathing suit so you can relax in their private women’s jet tub or take a steam bath. Though the spa is situated downtown, they offer complimentary self-parking based on availability.

corporate spa
Stillwater is spacious, too.

Benjamin was my massage therapist, and he was fantastic. I’ll definitely request him again. Ladies, don’t be afraid cuz he’s a dude. He was totally respectful, quiet and was super skilled at working out all my knots. Whoever your massage therapist is, they’ll give you a choice of oils before your treatment begins.

They have hagina, which is this amazing Japanese mint oil (that I use all the time at home as it really does reduce muscle soreness) or you can go for something more soothing like lavender. 

What’s also great about Stillwater is they offer couples massage. They have dedicated treatment rooms for this service with a steam room, so you can sweat all your stress out prior if that’s your bailiwick. 

double massage room
Massage tables are placed side by side for your couples massage.

Best for consistency and location 

For a consistent massage in Calgary, it’s good to look to a reputable spa that has several outposts. There are three Leela Eco Spa locations in Calgary, but I sussed out their convenient Beltline location – just south of downtown.

This eco spa supports green technologies and uses products that are eco-friendly. Do you know the Eminence skincare line? You should. It’s amazing. I think you can tell a lot about a spa by the lines they carry and I was happy to find Eminence here.

The women’s change room sports a Balinese vibe with warm wood, a blue-grey colour scheme, lots of plants and no shortage of Buddha statues. There’s also a steam shower, but I didn’t budget enough time for it before leaving. Critical error! A robe, slippers and towel are provided, and you can pocket a few luxe Eminence European chocolates on your way out.

Inside the co-ed lounge, you’ll find coffee and a tea menu, where I sampled lavender lemon, turmeric and Kashmiri chai. Super fancy teas! There’s also the obligatory lemon water, plus fruit and nuts. I should also mention they have an excellent selection of magazines. (Why so many spas don’t get this right, I’ll never know).

When it comes to oil, Leela’s uses coconut and you can amp up your experience by adding aromatherapy oils. It was a blustery summer day when I went in, and I so appreciated how the massage beds can be heated.

Leela really pays attention to the small details. A hot towel was rolled up and placed under my neck while my therapist worked on my feet and head. And after they finish massaging a section, they’ll place a hot towel over that area, so you don’t leave all greasy. Listening to Enya and mystic rainforest tunes can get old, and Leela deserves a thumbs up for playing funky lounge music.

wellness wednesday
If you don’t make time to care for your body, who will?

Massage Calgary NW

For years, my friend the IBMer, has raved about Apex Massage to me. Even though she lived in the SW, she’d drive to NW Calgary to get what she described as the best, most beneficial massage of her life. That’s a tall order!

Technically Apex is in the NW, but it’s actually pretty centrally located – off either Memorial Drive, Crowchild or 16th Ave NW. You’ll find it in what looks like residential area, inside a two storey building.

While some of the spots mentioned in this post offer spa treatments, Apex focuses solely on massage and has done so for over 20 years. They’ve consistently won Consumer Choice Awards year after year, and offer a wide range of services.

I went in for your basic one hour session and was hooked. Jared was my guy and he knew exactly how to get to the route of the problem. If anyone is squeamish about having a dude as their masseuse, this kind guy will set you at ease. Even though I didn’t specifically ask for a sports or deep tissue, after our brief consultation, he knew that’s what I needed.

Something unique to this northwest Calgary studio is their senior care treatments that incorporate gentle stretching techniques into the treatment. Seniors won’t leave battered and sore, but refreshed and with greater mobility. You can also get pre-natal and hot stone massage at Apex. I know I’ll be back.

massage in calgary
I think it’s a good idea to switch up your wellness routine and try different treatments every few months.

Thai Massage Calgary

My other friend Melissa, of Family Fun Canada, recommended Serene Escapes. It’s her favourite day spa, offering an impressive range of services from mani-pedis to facials to waxing – in addition to being one of the few places where you can find Thai massage in Calgary.

Melissa particularly likes Serene Escapes because you can buy gift certificates at Costco and then use them for either services or product. (Girl loves getting a discount on her Dermalogica skincare products!)

I went because I heard their specialty is Thai massage. Serene Escapes has several certified RMTs who also are Thai practitioners. Thai massage is different for a few reasons. First, you put on Thai pyjamas and before settling onto a mattress on the floor. Heads up: These PJs are tricky and can be hard to tell the front from the back. Or maybe that was just me?

Anyway, this treatment is particularly good for anyone who doesn’t stretch enough on their own or dislikes oil. There’s a lot of dynamic stretching involved, where they’ll work your entire body with their body.

You’ll be poked, prodded, needled, hacked and thwacked with your therapist’s fingers, hands, elbows, arms, feet, knees and legs. For real. You could almost consider it a work out, except you don’t sweat, but you will leave much less stressed and more limber than when you arrived.

Serene Escapes also offers couples, prenatal, hot stone and cupping massages. Next time I visit, I want to try the 30-minute head massage and/or reflexology. And yes, their Thai treatment was just as good as what I had in Bangkok.

Where are your favourite spots for therapeutic treatments in Calgary?

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Calgary Massage

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43 thoughts on “Stressed? The best places for massage in Calgary”

  1. Jennifer C

    I strive to achieve balance by first ensuring proper nutrition and sleep. I believe they are the foundation of basic health and well being. I also ensure to schedule daily “Me” time. If it is in the schedule it gets done. I treat it like an appointment with myself. It really helps keep things balanced in a crazy world.

  2. I have never had a massage in Calgary so I would love to win to discover a new favourite.

  3. Cara Thomas

    I strive to achieve balance with in my life by slowing things down sometimes! In a world where we are always going, moving, doing, sometimes slowing down our pace can make a huge difference! Slow walks. More rest. Gentle yoga. Anything where we slow down the pace from the usual hustle and bustle of life!

  4. Jennifer Doiron

    Silver Springs Massage has been my go to…nothing fancy like these ones though!

  5. The last massage I remember was 5 years ago during my pregnancy . not in Canada.. but in my hometown where an old woman comes to the house to give a nice but rough massage for easy delivery of the baby.. according to them it helped loosen the joints so that the delivery is not difficult.. anyhow once in Canada I never had enough time with 4 kids and not enough money for a massage.. also I feel somewhat conscious of my body now..

  6. Belinda Berg

    My daughter took me to the Banff Spring spa for my birthday. This is an amazing spa experience from the warm welcome, the massage and then time in the pools and relaxing areas. This is what I consider a dream date with my daughter.

  7. I have only had a therapeutic massage at Glow Vitality – would like one that doesn’t hurt so much. Sign me up!

  8. I’ve been going to the Leela location in Bridgeland for a while now. It’s no frills, but I love that my massage therapist uses cupping and acutonics in addition to regular massage techniques.

    1. Oh that’s great! I didn’t know they did cupping at Leela. What’s acutonics? You’ve got me intrigued…

  9. My absolute favorite massage therapist is a secret I won’t share (she’s hard enough to get into as it is) but my back-up has been Leela in Bridgeland. I really liked Cindy but she has now left the industry. 🙁
    I’ve had a few good ones there with other ladies there, it’s all about personal preference. I love a really good deep massage once in awhile, and that’s hard to find.

  10. Maritess S

    I rarely go for massages but I got a gift card to Riverside Spa and really loved the experience.

  11. I try to get a massage in every couple of months and pamper myself when i do so I go to The Spa Ritual in NW Calgary. It’s a beautiful spot that will help you escape the busy outside world for a couple of hours. I see Annette and she is amazing.
    Give them a try for sure????

  12. I strive to find balance by getting outdoors on my own to hike or sup! But that does leave me needing a massage!! I have always wanted to try Stillwater. I like Melt Massage in Cochrane a lot! Ashiatsu massage (and regular) with Jehnifer is amazing — look it up, it’s not your typical!

  13. Oh I haven’t been to one in years so I could not say. But would love the chance to try Calgary’s luxe Stillwater Spa

  14. Rebecca Roberts

    My massage therapist runs her office out of her home. She does therapeutic massage and has helped me through some injuries!

  15. I’ve only been for a massage one time, back in 2003 at Eveline Charles salon in Calgary. It was a hot rock massage a few months after my first baby was born & was wonderful. But I really should make that self-care more of a priority (15 years is a long time!) lol

  16. Anika Bello

    Stillwater Spa is the best ever! I go there for facial, mani and pedi once a month! I hope i can win this giveaway coz i’ve never tried their massage.

  17. Dalila Darc

    As a mother of 3. I try to keep healthy by eating good. I have been vegeterian for 6 years and it definelity makes a huge diffetence. An hour massage would healps too. Im crossing fingers! Already tagged friends on Facebook as well!

  18. The best place I e had a massage was the Banff Springs spa.
    Just being in the spa was so relaxing and how can you say no to the scenery? The whole experience was just amazing.
    It’s been so long since I’ve had a massage since then. I would love another one!

  19. Barbara Craig

    I got a massage at Verde in Canmore about 8-10 years ago as a gift and LOVED it. Always wanted to go back there or anywhere good I’m on my feet a lot for work so I keep thinking a massage would be great to relax.

    1. And they have those really awesome pressure showers in their massage rooms at Verde, too!

  20. Nicole MacDonald

    One of my all time favorite places in Calgary is Essence Wellness in Marda Loop! Whether it’s for acupuncture, naturopath or massage

  21. I go see Cheryl at Beyond Bodywork. She gives the most amazing massages I have ever experienced!

  22. Catherine Proulx

    My favorite place to get a massage is at the Lakeshore Spa in Chestermere. There is a new therapist there – Camelia – and she uses cupping and hot stones as part of the massage (if needed)… it’s FANTASTIC!

  23. Sarah Milne

    As a mom of 3 and a life long athlete, a steady balance of escapes to the gym and riding the pathways of Fish Creek on my road bike, eating well and a whole lot of physio!

    I’ve never actually experienced a real spa as I’ve had the notion it would be an intimidating experience, prove me wrong Jodi! 🙂

  24. I am a mom of 3 and life is so busy. Trying to balance them,home,work, life is hard sometimes especially trying to eat healthy on top! I have never had a real massage or been in a spa before so that would be amazing to do! Time to myself is very minimal. Lol

  25. Wayne Roth

    New place just opened.
    Happy Life Massage.
    3005 Centre St NW.
    Dana is amazing!
    Professional, you leave feeling refreshed and appreciated.
    Cupping/Reflexology/Thai/Prenatal/Guasha/Relaxation/Deep Tissue.
    I have gone 3 times already, each time was great.
    I like medium-deep to start and finish with relaxation.
    Give them a try, I think you will be glad you did!

  26. Ok so my new favorite spot I just discovered is call Mama Massage. They really cater to parents. They are called Mama Massage because they look after your kids while you get a massage! Amazing concept and I can’t wait to go back. My kiddo loves going there.

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