4 Of the best wilderness wellness retreats in Canada

Who here typically returns home from their vacation well rested? Crickets, right? Most of us are guilty of packing too much into our too short vacations. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you tend to overindulge on your holidays and manage to gain a few pounds. That’s why the increase in wellness retreats in Canada is so heartening.

Check out these 3 wellness retreats in western Canada
Customize your own wellness retreat in Tofino (Photo credit: John Kelsey Photography)
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Wellness Retreats Canada

Since the wellness travel trend shows no signs of slowing down, more and more retreats are popping up across Canada. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss camp for adults or a quick wellness weekend, there are several options in Canada. If you want to get close to nature and actually feel rejuvenated after your vacation, check out these wilderness wellness retreats in Western Canada.

3 Of the best wilderness wellness retreats in Canada
When you’re in touch with nature, you’re usually in touch with yourself. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

Evolve Retreats

If you want a structured wellness retreat close to Calgary, check out the options from Evolve Retreat Co.  Evolve runs several retreats each year and many of them take place at Crosswater’s Resort – which is part of the Marriott’s Autograph Collection in the Kananaskis.

Evolve retreats are interesting because you don’t have to commit to multi-day and overnight packages. I mean, you can, but you can also just sign up for a one day session. Sessions revolve around pillars like movement, sleep and nutrition. And the big underlying theme is tuning into nature. (Don’t worry, they’ll show you how!)

A lovely bonus of Evolve retreats at Crosswaters is the access to Kananaskis Nordic Spa, situated on the grounds of  Crosswaters and Pomeroy Lodge Kananaskis.  This outdoor spa is a true tonic for both outdoor adventurers and city slickers wanting to get grounded in nature.

Even if you don’t want to do a one day (or multi-day) Evolve retreat, you can head to this modern alpine sanctuary for wellness treatments derived from nature.

In true Nordic spa fashion, the facility sports loads of saunas, steam rooms and outdoor pools. Since opening, the spa has expanded with Phase Two offering even more hydrotherapy options. For more deets, check out the comprehensive review I wrote here.

wellness retreats banff canada
Kananaskis Nordic Spa is the latest wellness retreat in Canada. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

Lake Louise wellness retreats

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise has a spa and runs several wellness retreats each spring and fall. The hotel partners with experts in a variety of fields for wellness retreats that go way beyond the spa, yoga and meditation.

They’ve got one on creative writing, mindful eating and my favourite is the spirit medicine one. For spirit medicine, they’re bringing in a legit MD who’s also been trained with ancient therapies (think: acupuncture, herbs, energy healing, etc..).

fall wellness retreats lake louise canada
At Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, you’ll be able to tap into the energy of the mountains. (Photo credit: Shannon Kaiser)

We don’t have many weight loss spas or weight loss camps for adults in Canada, but this Lake Louise gem runs several wellness weekends that would fit the bill if you’re looking to become more mindful about how you treat your body.

Do you remember when Oprah was all over Eckhart Tolle and his book A New Earth? Well guess who came a few years back? (It was Tolle, not Oprah:) Consider this your warning. You know that one’s going to sell out quickly. All Fairmont Lake Louise retreats include: accommodation, healthy meals, classes and access to the experts. Spa treatments not included. 

Wellness Retreats B.C.

Now if you really want to bliss out on west coast vibes, there are loads of wellness retreats in B.C. In the interior, Mountain Trek is a hugely popular one, but more on that later. 

Let’s talk instead about Tofino, where it’s not difficult to get grounded. This B.C. town on Vancouver island is totally chill and the surf’s up all year long. 

Surfing in Tofino is something you can do on your own, in a class or on a full on retreat. In fact, Tofino has a number of spa, yoga, surf and wellness retreats to choose from. 

british columbia canada surf wellness retreats
It’s a fine balancing act when trying yoga SUP in Tofino. (Photo credit: John Kelsey)

In Tofino, you can totally customize your own wellness retreat. Tofino Yoga offers packages that can be done anytime of year. That means you get beach yoga, surf lessons, SUP, yoga, massage and life leadership classes at the convenience of your holiday schedule. You set the time.

You ought to budget two and half days (ideally three and half) to make your own wellness vacation. Tofino Yoga also has organized five day retreats that include accommodation at Tofino Ecolodge, plus more time for coastal exploration.

Health Retreat B.C.

For those seeking a life-changing wellness reboot, look no further than this boutique Mountain Trek fitness retreat in beautiful British Columbia. This B.C. health retreat is intense. No alcohol, crack of dawn wake up calls and lots of hiking.

You will for sure lose weight if that’s your goal. They also offer plenty of lifestyle classes to make sure all those good health habits you adopted during this retreat, don’t fly out the window when you get home.

Have you ever gone on a wellness retreat in Canada? I’d love to hear where you went and how you enjoyed it.

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