6 Reasons to hit Willow Park Village this weekend

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How into Mother’s Day are you? For me it’s more of an excuse to craft the perfect day doing exactly what you like. I typically plan my own Mother’s Day, but each year looks a little different. This year I’m simplifying things and headed to Willow Park Village. 

Why you need to hit Calgary's Willow Park Village before Mother's Day
Spring has finally come to Calgary! (Photo credit: Todd Korol)

Public Art in Calgary

Why Willow Park? So many reasons, but mainly I’m keen to suss out a cool new art installation. How I love when art and culture come together in public spaces! How I love scooping my media peeps on Instagram:) The installation is two 6-feet-tall flower wall adorned with delicate hydrangeas. Remember that flower wall Kim and Kayne had at their wedding? This promises to be just as photographable.

6 Reasons to hit Willow Park Village this weekend
Selfie stop! (Photo credit: Todd Korol)

The flower wall will be officially revealed on Saturday May 13. They’re working on it now though, so you can check it out anytime.

Awesome Stuff for Mother’s Day at Willow Park

I’m not headed to Willow Park Village just because of the installation. I’m a sucker for special programming. And getting spoiled. If I’m shopping anyway, might as well go someplace where I’ll get more out of the experience.

The day before Mother’s Day (Saturday, May 13), several shops are adding little bonuses for us ladies. Take advantage of the free hand massage and arm scrubs being offered by Skoah. Starbucks is having a pink lemonade stand and it’s only $1 to participate in DIY cupcake decorating at Crave. They’re going to teach one and all the secret to piping a perfect swirl. 

crave purple cupcake
Crave’s Mother’s Day cupcake looks so pretty against the flower wall, don’t you think?

Pro tip: stock up on Crave icing. I can make a pretty decent cupcake, but my icing could use some help. I now buy Crave icing by the container and freeze it. I recommend one chocolate and one vanilla in boring white (so you can customize with food colouring).

mother's day cupcakes
I also scarfed down Crave’s London Fog cupcake. Only available in May!

I recommend swinging by Blooms and Butterflies to pick up easy gifts for the mamas and step moms on your list. While there, you can bid on this massive flower bouquet being auctioned off. And if you’re feeling generous, keep your eyes peeled for the  Calgary’s Women in Need Society (WINS) donation box set up in most stores.

Shops worth checking out at Willow Park Village

Last time I went to Willow Park VillageI stocked up on maps from AMA to wrap my Christmas gifts. (Cheeky, I know…) This year I’ll be snagging them for summer road trips and handing them off to Eve in the backseat. I have a bit of a routine when I hit the Village. I peruse Aldila Boutique (offering 15% off this weekend!) and Check Mate Shoes before hitting the foodie shops.

hot butcher
This dude is no model. He’s Chef Lance at Urban Butcher (formerly Second to None Meats).

I’m a big fan of Meez to stock my freezer for the impromptu company we get in Canmore. I always have to duck into Springbank Cheese Co to nab a wedge of parmesan for my brother. (He’s a foodie and insists he can’t get the same quality in his town.) When I’m not on some kind of ridiculous cleanse, I treat myself to one of their ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. Finally, I’ll snag some some naturally raised beef and sausages from the Urban Butcher (formerly Second to None Meats). This weekend is their grand opening, so you can score 25% off of naturally raised Striploin Steaks.

If you make it to Willow Park Village and snap a selfie at the installation, be sure to hashtag #PossibilitiesAreBlooming. Oh, please tag me, too. I’d love to see it!

possibilities are blooming
Hope to see you there!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?

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