Canada Day party ideas so you can safely celebrate

Being in the midst of a global pandemic, lots of summer activities that we look forward to have been cancelled. Not Canada Day though! Guest numbers and regulations will depend on your province, but the main details stay the same. Here’s a look at our best Canada Day party ideas for COVID-19 times.

Celebrate Canada Day
Canadians may be understated, but we all like a good party. Just guess what’s in that mug. (Nathaniel Bowman/Unsplash)
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Canada Day Party Ideas

Whatever type of party you’re throwing, whether it’s celebrating quietly, with a few friends, or hosting a safe social distancing fete, you’ll need some good Canada Day party ideas. The safest way to throw a physically distanced party seems to be holding it outside.

Canada Day Party Ideas
You can still have an outdoor bash, just not as large as you may be used to. (Photo credit: City of Calgary)

Get the right venue

Make sure you’ve got enough space to let people spread out. If you don’t have a large yard, try hosting your party in a nearby public park or field. Of course, you’ll want to include some Canadian specific food, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Photo booth

In terms of activities, try having a photo booth. Not only will it be a cute way to keep people entertained, it makes great memories. You can use some Canada Day props, including flags, tattoos, face paint or cardboard cut outs.

Drawn to the fire

If you’re hosting your event in the evening, a fire pit party is a great idea. Not only is the fire going to keep away those pesky bugs, it’ll also keep you warm when the summer evening turns cold. Consider adding a burst of colour with some fire colour changer (can be purchased at Canadian Tire and similar stores) to make the flames really vibrant.

If it’s legal in your region (it isn’t in all), fireworks add a dramatic touch to any Canada Day party. If you go this route, might be a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby….

Canada Day Games Ideas

There’s only so much sitting around a backyard, chit chatting and drinking one can do. You’ll want to have several Canada Day games ideas up your sleeve to keep it lively.

Lacrosse is our national sport, yet it’s often forgotten when it comes to Canadian activities. It does need some supplies, but you can even substitute a ball and scoop game for the lacrosse sticks and balls.

Basketball is another Canadian sport that’s easy to set up. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a game of hockey. For little kids, try mini sticks instead of regular length ones.

For something a little more casual, create or purchase a Canada bingo or trivia game. Pass around the Bingo cards or trivia sheets and have your guests try and be the first to get Bingo or all of the trivia questions. You can find printable versions here and here.

For a smaller group, you can play any number of outdoor games, including bocce, bollaball or spikeball.

DIY Decorations

DIY is in many Canadian’s genes! Not only is it cheaper than buying decorations from a store, but you can get the whole family involved and make the decorations look exactly how you want.

One super easy way to DIY some plates or cups for serving food is to buy red or white plates and attach adhesive maple leaves to them in the opposite colour. You could also paint the maple leaves. Just make sure to seal them with something so that the paint doesn’t bleed into the food.

For some fun decoration, try making a Canada Day wreath. Take a hoop of some kind (wire from craft supply stores works well) and cut out some cute maple leaves to attach along the bottom. Hang this up on your door or on the serving table for a cute Canadian touch.

You can also make Canada Day windsocks. For this one, grab a cylindrical object of some kind (like a Pringles can, toilet paper roll or disposable cup) and paint it red or white. The add your Canada day details by painting other colours overtop. Finally, use a hole punch to punch along the bottom edge of the cup and thread through some red and white ribbons.

Just like Canada’s 150 in 2017, this year is one where people feel like blowing off steam. (Via @CBCLife on Instagram)

Canada Day Food Ideas

When it comes to hosting the perfect Canada Day parties, food is the most important part. Here’s an idea, try only serving foods that are unique to Canada. You can find a comprehensive list here.

For some light snack options, try serving ketchup or dill pickle potato chips, Timbits or butter tarts. For fun, thread Timbits and strawberries on skewers to make snack kababs.

For dessert, a Canada Day cake is the perfect finishing touch. For an easy option, make any kind of cake and top it with white icing. Then use strawberries or raspberries to make the Canada flag.

canadian toque cake
This will put a sweet smile on anyone’s face! (Photo credit: Tessa Huff/Food Network)

If you’re looking for a challenge, try making this Canadian Toque Cake from the Food Network. You can also make cupcakes and decorate them with red and white icing.

Note: Depending on what province you live in, the government may be recommending nobody shares food. To get around this, make individual portions for people and hand them out in cute red containers or plates. This will stop everyone from touching a buffet-style spread.

Don’t forget to set out plenty of hand sanitizer and ensure there’s enough utensils so no one has to share.

Outdoor Activities for Canada Day

If hosting a party isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of Canada Day activities for you and your family to take part in –  even with the Covid-19 restrictions .

Why not get into the great Canadian outdoors and take in all those views Canada is so famous for. Go for a hike or bike in one of our many parks, kayak or canoe on our beautiful lakes, or have a picnic on a nearby hill. Even if your region isn’t on the coast, there’s still plenty of beaches to comb in Canada. Here are a few suggestions for beaches in and around Calgary.

In Calgary, you can visit Heritage Park for a social distanced Dominion Day celebration. This historical village has over 100 acres, so you’ll be able to spread out just fine!

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How do you celebrate Canada Day?

Canadian flag shawl
There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Canada Day. (Ksenia Makagonova/Unsplash)


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