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Do this one thing to help a grandparent

If there’s one trip I wouldn’t want to do over again, it would be when I went to Paris with my mom, sister and (then) toddler. Here’s a look at what I learned and what I’d do differently now.

hot yoga on 17th

These are the best studios for hot yoga in Calgary

How do you totally unwind? I’ve got a variety of tricks up my sleeve, but Pinot Grigio and Netflix usually make me feel worse. Over the past few years, hot yoga has become my therapy of choice. Here’s a look at my favourite studios in Calgary (I’m a floater) + how to prep for your first class.

Banff HIIT and barre class at Sunshine Village

Is your exercise routine in a rut? Mine was, until I tried this awesome, invigorating outdoor class at Sunshine Meadows. I felt so much better – physically and mentally afterwards. If you love being outdoors in Banff, and are into yoga or barre, you’ll want to hit up these classes before summer’s end. Here’s all the deets…


Easy health and wellness tips

June really is a crazy time of year. It seems like the Friday night of summer, but with kids it feels more like a panicked Monday night. (Dance recitals! Exams! Farewell parties! Last minute vacation planning!) Here’s a look at how I attempt to achieve a somewhat balanced state of health and wellness in our family, plus tips for outsourcing.

Knot springs

These are the best spots to get a massage in Portland

Outdoor Nordic spas are all the rage in Canada, but I wasn’t aware of them in the U.S. Then I found Knot Springs, a day spa in Portland Oregon. In addition to their funky pools, they have CBD oil treatments and a crazy range of massages. Here’s a look at my experience (which included “luxury dirt”).

fishman's calgary

Major giveaway for this Calgary dry cleaner

Are you in the throes of spring cleaning? We just got back from a blissful 10-day family trip and the first thing I noticed was how dingy our house looks. Here are my best tips on what to tackle first, plus I’ve got a fantastic giveaway from Calgary’s top dry cleaner.


Head here for spring skiing

Let’s be honest, this isn’t exactly the best time of year for outdoor adventures. Unless… you hit the ski hill. Now hear me out! The crowds have dissipated. There’s major discounts. You get to play outside in the fresh air in what feels like balmy temps. And let’s not forget about that fine tradition of après ski! Here’s a look at our family’s spring skiing routine.

winter in calgary

6 Awesome things to do this winter in Calgary

Who wants to win dinner and a movie at Heritage Park? This activity is but one of my recs on how to enjoy winter in Calgary. Read on if you’re looking for inspiration to beat cabin fever in Calgary.

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